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Sell a 14 Karat Gold Fraternity Ring for the Gold Value

Rob from Manchester, CT has a 14 karat gold fraternity ring to sell to a refiner. Arch answers his question about the value of his gold ring with what information he needs about the ring.

Selling 14 Karat Gold Pocket Watches

Uriah in Kalamazoo, MI has two 14 Karat pocket watches to sell. Arch Enterprises advises on knowing what the gold value is (refined value) AND the watch value (retail value).

How Much Can I Sell my 18 Karat Gold Bracelet for?

Cory from Seattle, WA asks Arch “How Much Can I Sell my 18 Karat Gold Bracelet for?” See what the precious metal refiner said about selling gold.

What are My 14K Gold Wedding Rings Worth?

Paul has 14K Gold wedding bands and would like to know how much the gold is worth from precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises.

Value of 14 k Gold Jewelry | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Hi, I have a 9” curb link gold bracelet that I no longer wear and am interested in selling. It weighs 93.6 grams and is 14 k gold. What is this worth? From Ryan in Clearwater, Florida