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Value of 14k Gold Rope Necklace

I have a gold rope necklace that is 14k gold. It weighs 1.176717 standard ounces. What is the value of this necklace if sold for the melt value? Thanks from Lee in Yakima, Washington.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your question. We would …
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Value of 14 k Gold Jewelry | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Hi, I have a 9” curb link gold bracelet that I no longer wear and am interested in selling. It weighs 93.6 grams and is 14 k gold. What is this worth? From Ryan in Clearwater, Florida

Is this a Good Time to Sell My Gold Bracelet and Necklace?

Precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises offers insight on value of 14K gold bracelet and necklace from Lisa in Stockton, California.