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Recover Silver from Black and White Photo Film

I have tons of old negatives and was wondering how much it takes for it to actually matter. Also if we don’t have enough where would we take them to dispose of them. Thanks from Tori in Juliet, TN.

Hi Tori,

By a “ton” do you mean hundreds of pounds or truckloads? Some people’s perception of having a “ton” of photo film is very different. We would recommend having at least 300 lbs of material. If you do not have this much, you could still send it to our facility and we could recycle the material for …
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Precious Metal Value of a Platinum Ring

I want to sell my platinum ring – it says 950 on the inside. It weighs about 1 – 1.5 ounces. How do I quickly proceed? How long does it take? Thanks. From Andrew in North Bend, Washington.

Hi Andrew,

This sounds too heavy for a ring, but the mark you are referring to indicates the purity of your platinum ring. The “950” marking means that your ring is made of 95% pure platinum and is alloyed with 5% of some other metal. As a precious metal refiner we only take into account the weight, purity and …
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Silver Recovery from Tungsten Silver Sludge

Hi, we have high silver containing sludge from DE-brazing tungsten carbide mining tools. Do you recover silver from this sludge? From Jain in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hi Jain,

We do have the capabilities to recover the silver from the tungsten silver sludge that you describe. As a precious metal refiner, our facility is designed specifically to handle this type of industrial material.

It would be helpful to know the weight of your material. We would recommend having at least …
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Gold Teeth & Dental Crowns Value

I have two dental crowns, two gold molars made of mixed metal, according to my dentist. He said metal refiners buy such things and break them down into their separate metals. Do you do that? Thanks from Brett in Milwaukee, WI.

Hi Brett,

Yes! As a precious metal refiner we have the capabilities to recover gold from the dental items you have described. Since dental gold is not hallmarked like gold jewelry (14k, 18k etc), you need to make sure that your …
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Value of 14k Gold Rope Necklace

I have a gold rope necklace that is 14k gold. It weighs 1.176717 standard ounces. What is the value of this necklace if sold for the melt value? Thanks from Lee in Yakima, Washington.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your question. We would …
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