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Is this a Good Time to Sell My Gold Bracelet and Necklace?

Precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises offers insight on value of 14K gold bracelet and necklace from Lisa in Stockton, California.

Gold Value for Independent Gold Buyers

Hello, I am looking for a good refinery to purchase my gold. I have been researching gold parties for sometime now, I am an independent gold buyer and seller. What are your rates for people with a substantial amount of gold? From Donnie in Orlando, Florida

Is Gold Filled or Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?

I want to sell gold filled and gold plated necklaces from the 1950s, made in Korea. I have dozens of them equaling several pounds. From Becky in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Dental Scrap Refining | Gold Teeth and Crowns

I have 2 gold crowns. What is the gold value from these? – From Rob in Des Moines, Iowa | I have 5 lbs of very small pieces of dental scrap that came from a retired dentist. – from Larry in Phoenix, Arizona | I have several teeth and crowns with gold filling that have been extracted. I would like the gold recovered and returned as a single nugget and returned. – From Stacy in Raymond, Illinois | I have about 10 grams of a three tooth bridge, two gold caps and one gold tooth. – From Matt in Chicago, Illinois

Is a Gold Plated Light Fixture Ideal for Refining?

I have an 18k gold plated wall sconce light fixture. It retailed for $2300 new. Since it was so expensive, I’m wondering if it has more than just the typical thin layer of gold plating and if so, would it be possible to salvage the gold? – From David