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What areas does Arch service?

We get this question a lot and so we have posted it here and also on our FAQ’s page on our website.

Arch is a national precious metal refiner and receives shipments from the contiguous United States at our facility in Mexico, Missouri. We do not work with international shipments on a regular basis.

Arch is headquartered and operates its refining facility in Mexico, Missouri. We also offer onsite pick up for large volumes of X-Ray film in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Florida (Northern Counties)
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee

Arch no longer operates a satellite refining office out of Birmingham, Alabama, however as mentioned above it is one of our onsite pick up locations and we can work closely with customers that have large volumes of precious metals.

Please contact us for all your precious metal refining needs.

New Address, Same Great Refining Services

Was that title too cheesy? Nevertheless, we are announcing our new address.

Arch Enterprises Inc.
2501 Lakeview Road
Mexico, MO 65265

However, we will still be checking our One Arch Drive address, but going forward please use the new one for all transactions and shipments.

Google Directions

More updates coming soon.



Silver Recovery, Recycling & Refining from Medical X-Ray Film

Are you a hospital or medical group and have x-ray film?

Here are some preliminary questions that is helpful for us to create a custom estimate and program for recycling x-ray film for the silver content.

  1. Approximately how many pounds of film do you have to recover?  Is this a one-time purge, or do you need service on a regular basis? We weigh X-ray film out of any paper jackets and recommend that you have at least 300-400 pounds of film before you have it refined.
  1. How is the x-ray film contained?  In drums, boxes?  We have containers available, if needed.
  1. Is it clean film or with paper?  (Jackets, etc.)?
  1. And, is there a loading dock available or are there any stairs involved in loading.


We follow all HIPAA guidelines when performing x-ray film recovery and destruction to properly recycle large amounts of sensitive x-ray films. We follow a strict process where all x-rays are destroyed within 10 days of receipt at our own secure facility. Certificates of Destruction are also available upon request and we carry both general and environmental liability insurance to protect our customers and our business.

We also provide on-site pick up in 8 states and can assist in finding low-cost freight options from other areas in the U.S. Our onsite pick up areas include: Missouri, Alabama, Florida (Northern Counties), Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Please contact us about your x-ray material.

* Images displayed are only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.

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WM Rogers Silverware | What is Brazilian Silver?

Hi I have eight pieces of old WM Rogers silverware and two knives made of Solid Brazilian Silver. What is this worth? – Alex in Birmingham, AL

Thank you for your inquiry.  Many Wm Rogers (Rogers & Brothers) patterns are silver-plated and some are sterling.  Please look on the back of one of your pieces and see if it has the hallmark or word “sterling” or the numbers “925”.  If it doesn’t, more than likely it is silver plated and unfortunately, we cannot offer returns on silver plated material, unless you have 50 lbs or more of silver plated flatware.

Also, “Solid Brazilian Silver” is a name used for nickel silver, also called German silver; it has the appearance of a silvery-white color, but actually contains no silver at all.  Typically, it is made up of copper, nickel and zinc.

sterling silverware value

If you determine your WM Rogers flatware is sterling, please feel free to request an estimate with the weight of your pieces, excluding any knives (but please give the count of how many knives you have, for example (8) knives).

* Please keep in mind that we are not a antique dealer and cannot give estimates based on the value of collectable, rare or vintage antiques. As a precious metal refiner, we only give estimates based on the weight of items and the amount of precious metal available for recovery.

* Blog estimates are given on a case by case basis and are not Arch’s final settlement price. Any prices or estimates in blog articles are based on the precious metal prices at the time of the post and can change on a daily basis as the price of precious metals change.

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