I have heard the term holloware about silver pieces. What exactly does this refer to? Does holloware have value? From Susan in Los Angeles, California.

Hi Susan,

“Holloware” or “Hollowware” is a term that is basically used to describe everything except flatware this includes serving pieces and tableware such as pitchers, teapots, sugar bowls, butter plates, food covers, creamers, silver artwork and sculptures, cake stands and other similar items.

Like flatware, hollowware can be sterling silver or plated silver, so you still have to be careful to know which you have as it will greatly affect the value. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, whereas silver plated items contain only a very thin layer of silver, to the point where it costs more money to refine plated silver than we can get out. That is why we do not accept silver plated items.

We will however, accept sterling silver holloware items. Make sure that your items are sterling. Note that some of these items can be weighted or contain other materials in them to make them stronger (such as knife blades that are usually stainless steel). If you can find the weight of just the sterling silver material, you can plug it into our silver value calculator for an estimate of the market value of your sterling silver items. We typically pay 75% of the silver value back to our customers. Hope that answers your question!