I have a 57 piece sterling silver set that includes 10 place settings of 5 each plus 7 extras; gravy scoop, meat fork, table spoon, pierced spoon, pie server, butter knife, and sugar spoon. How much would this roughly weigh, and roughly what is the value if I sell to melt it? Thanks! From Jeff in Nashville, TN

Hi Jeff,

Without the weight, it would be near impossible to give you an estimate to what your silver pieces are worth for the silver value. Do you have access to a postage scale or food scale you could use? Really you would only have to weight 12 pieces of your 57 piece set. One of each piece in your place settings and your 7 “extra” serving pieces.

As precious metal refiners we will take all of your pieces and weigh for the sterling silver value ONLY. So we would take a part any pieces that we could to make sure that they are not weighted or filled.

See these blog posts about sterling silver that may help:

About sterling silver knives: www.precious-metal-refining.info/value-of-knives-from-sterling-silver-sets/

About sterling silver serving pieces: https://www.precious-metal-refining.info/silver-cake-server-and-serving-spoon-stamped-with-%E2%80%9Csilver%E2%80%9D-precious-metal-refining-blog/

Once we have the weight of the sterling silver only, we would multiple with the daily silver value, then we payout 75% of the silver value back to you – the customer. Here is a post from someone that had a 69 piece sterling silver set and the silver price used that day was $33.66/troy ounce. https://www.precious-metal-refining.info/where-to-sell-sterling-silver-flatware-set/

Hope that helps you out. Here is our packing slip should you decide to sell: http://www.archenterprises.com/packingSlip.pdf

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