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Using the Magnet Test to Determine Value of Silver Tea Set


“I am looking to sell an unmarked antique sterling silver tea set.  How do I find out if it’s sterling silver? I got it from my grandmother who says it’s real. From Ashley in Pelham, Georgia”

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the inquiry about your grandmother’s antique Silver Tea Set. Some older Sterling Silver Serving Sets will sometimes have a number i.e., 925 or 825 which prove authenticity, however, some pieces may have no indication at all especially if they are very old or are made in different countries that may have their own markings.

The easiest …
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Value of a 57 Piece Sterling Silver Set

I have a 57 piece sterling silver set that includes 10 place settings of 5 each plus 7 extras; gravy scoop, meat fork, table spoon, pierced spoon, pie server, butter knife, and sugar spoon. How much would this roughly weigh, and roughly what is the value if I sell to melt it? Thanks! From Jeff in Nashville, TN

Hi Jeff,

Without the weight, it would be near impossible to give you an estimate to what your silver pieces are worth for the silver value. Do you have access to a postage scale or food …
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