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X-ray Film Recycling

X-ray Film and Industrial X-ray Film Recycling with Arch Enterprises takes the worries out with their secured facility 24/7 and is HIPAA compliant.  Precious Metal Refiner doing business since 1997.

Where to Recycle X-ray Film

X-ray Recycling through Arch Enterprises has been providing service for 23 years.  A complete secure facility and HIPAA compliant.

Silver Recovery, Recycling & Refining from Medical X-Ray Film

Are you a hospital or medical group and have x-ray film?

Here are some preliminary questions that is helpful for us to create a custom estimate and program for recycling x-ray film for the silver content.

  1. Approximately how many pounds of film do you have to recover?  Is this a one-time purge, or do you need service on a regular basis? We weigh X-ray film out of any paper jackets and recommend that you have at least 300-400 pounds of film before you have it refined.
  1. How is the x-ray film contained?  In drums, boxes?  We have …
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Where to Sell & Refine Dental X-Ray Film

Denny in Miami, Florida asks where the best place is to sell dental x-rays. Arch Enterprises is one of the top silver refiners and work with dental offices across the nation.

How Much is Silver in X-Ray Film Worth? | Precious Metal Refining Blog

“Should we be receiving money for the X-ray film that we send out from our hospital to be shredded and destroyed?” From Lori in Chicago, Illinois.