Do you know of a place to sell silver from dental x-rays? From Denny in Panama City, Florida

Hi Denny!

You have come to the right place! We have the capabilities to handle large shipments of x-ray film here at our refining facility in Mexico, Missouri including those from dental offices.

Here are the bullet point things to keep in mind. And we have also included some of our past blog articles about selling x-ray film:

  • Quantity: You will need to send at least 300-400 pounds of X-ray film, removed from the paper jackets, to receive a payment and recover the shipping cost.
  • Shipping: We would recommend filling one or two 50 gallon drums of X-ray film and then shipping the film in the drums.
  • Sorting: We can help sort and purge x-rays in eight states including Alabama, Northern Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Which would include Panama City if you have enough material to need the service.

We currently work with eight of the top 100 hospital groups in the country and are able to process large amounts of film with quick turnaround time. Please inquire further either by phone or on our contact forms as to the amount of x-rays you have and needed services dealing with selling dental x-ray film.

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