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Using the Magnet Test to Determine Value of Silver Tea Set


“I am looking to sell an unmarked antique sterling silver tea set.  How do I find out if it’s sterling silver? I got it from my grandmother who says it’s real. From Ashley in Pelham, Georgia”

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the inquiry about your grandmother’s antique Silver Tea Set. Some older Sterling Silver Serving Sets will sometimes have a number i.e., 925 or 825 which prove authenticity, however, some pieces may have no indication at all especially if they are very old or are made in different countries that may have their own markings.

The easiest …
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Sell Scrap Silver from Jewelry Making

Gina in Jackson, MI has left over sterling silver from jewelry making including silver beads, clasps and clasps. Selling silver scrap to a precious metal refiner is the way to go.

Value of Knives from Sterling Silver Sets

Jimmy from Indianapolis, IN has a sterling silver set to refine and asks Arch Enterprises about the knives in the set, as the whole knife is not sterling.

What Does 555 Stamped on Sterling Silver Mean?

Terry from Chicago asks “What does “555” stamp on sterling silver mean?” There are many different hallmarks and markings from different countries and time periods. Learn some of the most common.

Sell Gold Jewelry Scrap & Sterling Silver

Where to sell gold jewelry scrap and sterling silver scrap pieces. Mary from Rochester, New York has silver and gold to sell and refine.