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Sell Gold and Silver Direct to the Refiner


Sell outdated Karat Gold jewelry and Sterling Silver jewelry direct to the Refiner Arch Enterprises.

Gold Refining

Recycle your unwanted Karat Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry direct with Arch Enterprises Inc.

Sell Scrap Gold & Silver Jewelry Direct to the Refiner!

Needing some extra income before the holidays?

Clean out those old jewelry boxes and let us know if you have any scrap gold or silver jewelry to sell. You will never find the match to that gold earring that you have been holding on to and that gold necklace won’t fix itself! Turn these things that are just collecting dust into holiday smiles!

Contact us and let us know if we can help.


Where to Sell Sterling Silver Scrap Beads

Brian in Fort Dodge, Iowa has sterling silver scrap beads to sell and refine. Arch Enterprises buys scrap sterling silver and offers returns on precious metal materials.

Convert Scrap Gold into Coins or Bars | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Craig from Hershey, Pennsylvania has been collecting scrap jewelry in the Northeastern United States and asks Arch if scrap gold can be converted into bars or coins.