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Sell Gold and Silver Direct to the Refiner


Sell outdated Karat Gold jewelry and Sterling Silver jewelry direct to the Refiner Arch Enterprises.

Sell Scrap Silver from Jewelry Making

Gina in Jackson, MI has left over sterling silver from jewelry making including silver beads, clasps and clasps. Selling silver scrap to a precious metal refiner is the way to go.

Refine Sterling Silver Sheet, Wire & Scrap | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Deanna in Destin, Florida asks about her sterling silver sheets, wire and scrap from a jewelry class. Arch Enterprises recommends knowing the market value of sterling silver first.

What is Pure Scrap Silver Powder Worth | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Robin from Cape Girardeau, Missouri asks a question to Arch Enterprises about recycling scrap silver powder.

How does your medical x-ray film recycling work?

How does your medical x-ray film recycling work? Do I have to send in my x-rays? – Sara in Memphis, TN