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Recycle outdated Sterling Silver, Karat Gold and Platinum jewelry direct with a refiner! Arch Enterprises, Inc. has been doing business for 22 years. Visit our website today at www.ArchEnterprises.com and request an estimate!

Gold Refining

Gold Refining direct with the refiner Arch Enterprises

Silver and Gold Jewelry Refining | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises works with customers that have large amounts of gold and silver to refine on a regular basis. Jack from Birmingham, Alabama looks to Arch to refine scrap silver and gold jewelry.

Gold Value for Independent Gold Buyers

Hello, I am looking for a good refinery to purchase my gold. I have been researching gold parties for sometime now, I am an independent gold buyer and seller. What are your rates for people with a substantial amount of gold? From Donnie in Orlando, Florida