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5 Steps to Recycle Platinum from EP Catheter Tips

QUESTION: Do you work with hospitals for refining EP Catheter Tips?

EP Catheter Recycling

ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. YES! We do work with hospitals and medical offices on a regular basis to refine platinum from medical devices such as EP Catheter Tips. We would be happy to quote you on the processing and recycling of your EP Tips. Our EP Recycling Program leaves zero margins for diminishing returns. When your material is sent to us, you will know the exact precious metal contents within each tip. In order to give you the most accurate estimate, we would need …
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Sell & Refine EP Catheter Platinum Tips

Lauren in Chicago, Illinois asks Arch Enterprises about starting a program to collect, sell and refine platinum from EP catheter tips.

Refine Platinum from EP Catheter Tips

Judy from Nashville, Tennessee inquires about how the refining process works with her platinum EP catheter tips. Arch Enterprises is a precious metal refiner that will guide you through the steps.