Question: Hello, I would like to send in EP catheter platinum tips. What information do you need to get this process started? Thank you, Lauren from Chicago, Illinois

Hi Lauren,

We help many medical facilities and hospitals start in-house programs to collect, sell and send in precious metal containing medical devices such as EP catheter tips. We recycle the platinum and return payment to your department based on the actual amount of platinum extracted.

To get started on a platinum recycling program, begin by collecting the EP catheters and other platinum-containing devices you use in your lab. Place sterilized EP catheters, angioplasty guide wires, and electrophoresis electrodes in a plastic bag or plastic container.

You can fill out our packing slip to include with your shipment and include any instructions and contact information you have. We typically can return a payment within 5-7 business days if not sooner.

Hope that helps! Thank you for your question.

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