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20 Pounds of Silver Contacts Refining Estimate

Q: Hi, I have 20 pounds of silver contacts. Please let me know if you take this material and how much my return will be. – From Dawn in Modesto, California

A: Thanks for your question! We get a range of silver contacts to refine. Your 20 pounds of material meets our volume requirements for silver contacts. Silver bearing contacts vary widely in silver content. Typically, the best and worst case scenarios are anywhere from 35 to 90 percent silver.

We can return 65% of the silver dollar value back to the customer. This percentage is due to the presence …
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10KG of Silver Oxide Batteries Refining Estimate

Q: I have 10KG of silver cell batteries. Do you take this material? — From James in Arlington, TX

Refine Silver Oxide Batteries

A: Thank you for your inquiry! YES, Arch does refine the silver from silver oxide batteries.

The first item to note is that we do not accept co-mingled lots, so you will have to separate these batteries out if they are among other items or other types of batteries. We do not accept lithium batteries for example.

Depending on the volume that is sent in for refining, we typically pay $16 to $25, per …
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Recover Silver from Black and White Photo Film

I have tons of old negatives and was wondering how much it takes for it to actually matter. Also if we don’t have enough where would we take them to dispose of them. Thanks from Tori in Juliet, TN.

Hi Tori,

By a “ton” do you mean hundreds of pounds or truckloads? Some people’s perception of having a “ton” of photo film is very different. We would recommend having at least 300 lbs of material. If you do not have this much, you could still send it to our facility and we could recycle the material for …
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What is Silver Holloware?

Susan from Los Angeles, California asks Arch Enterprises what is silver holloware? Arch answers and also explains the difference between sterling silver hollowware and silver holloware.

Sell Black & White Negatives from Photography

Ed in Columbus, Ohio asks Arch Enterprises about minimums on sending black and white negatives from photography to a precious metal refiner.

Value of Knives from Sterling Silver Sets

Jimmy from Indianapolis, IN has a sterling silver set to refine and asks Arch Enterprises about the knives in the set, as the whole knife is not sterling.

Where to Refine & Sell Industrial Silver Material? X-Ray Film, Flake, Silver Fixer

Levi in Tucson, Arizona asks where the best place to sell silver flake, x-ray film and silver fixer would be. We recommend selling industrial grade silver to a precious metal refiner.

Value of Raw Silver Beads

I have 12 pounds of raw silver beads. What are they worth? From Jody in Little Rock, Arkansas

What Does 555 Stamped on Sterling Silver Mean?

Terry from Chicago asks “What does “555” stamp on sterling silver mean?” There are many different hallmarks and markings from different countries and time periods. Learn some of the most common.

Where to Sell Sterling Silver Scrap Beads

Brian in Fort Dodge, Iowa has sterling silver scrap beads to sell and refine. Arch Enterprises buys scrap sterling silver and offers returns on precious metal materials.

Sterling Silver Buyers

Precious metal refiners Arch Enterprises buy and refine sterling silver from flatware, jewelry, and other sterling silver items marked 925.

Is Now the Time to Sell Gold & Silver?

With gold and silver prices rising, “is now the time to sell gold and silver?”

How Much are Silver Strike Coins Worth?

Lou from New York asks precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises, how much his silver strike coins are worth from Las Vegas casinos.

1847 Rogers Brothers IS Silver Value

Patsy from Richmond, Virginia and Tim from Pacific, Missouri ask about their 1847 Rogers Brothers Silver and its value. Arch Enterprises specializes in sterling silver refining.

Refining Silver Electrical Contacts

What is a good place to sell silver electrical contacts? Do you all do this? How much silver is in electrical contacts? Thanks! From Dan in Waterford, Michigan

Value of Silver Oxide Batteries

John from Runnells, Iowa has sorted his silver oxide watch batteries from his lithium batteries and asks Arch Enterprises about selling and shipping silver batteries.

Sell and Refine Silver Oxide Watch Batteries| Precious Metal Refining Blog

Jim from Houston, Texas has several hundred pounds of silver oxide watch batteries. He would like to know the return Arch Enterprises can give per troy ounce or per pound.

How Much is Silver in X-Ray Film Worth? | Precious Metal Refining Blog

“Should we be receiving money for the X-ray film that we send out from our hospital to be shredded and destroyed?” From Lori in Chicago, Illinois.

Precious Metal Refining Blog | Value of Rogers Bros Sterling Silver Dinnerware

Virginia from Newnan, Georgia asks silver refiners Arch Enterprises about her Rogers Bros Sterling Silverware and how much it is worth to sell.

Precious Metal Refining Blog | Refining and Selling Silver Bars

Gene from Camanche, Iowa asks Arch Enterprises how much are .999 silver bars worth to sell and refine.

What do the markings 70% and SSS on my Silver Flatware Mean?

Gwen from Oregon asks Arch Enterprises if her silver flatware marked 70% and SSS is worth anything.

Is My Sheffield Silver Tea Set Worth Anything?

Kim from Dallas, Texas has a Sheffield Silver Tea Set that she would like to know if it has any refining value from Arch Enterprises.

What are Used Watch, Calculator and Hearing Aid Batteries Worth?

Greg from Las Angeles, California has 400 lbs of watch, calculator and hearing aid batteries. He asks Arch Enterprises precious metal refining experts how much it is worth recycled and refined.

Recycling X-Ray Film

Stephanie from Champaign, Illinois asks Arch Enterprises about not just disposing her company’s X-ray film but how to recycle the silver from them.

Quote for electrical contacts from busbars

Can you give me a quote for processing electrical contacts that have been removed from busbars? – Chad in Abilene, TX

Does silver get black when it gets old and dirty?

Does silver get black when it gets old and dirty? And does this affect the melt value? – John in Frenso, CA

Refine Sterling Silver from Russia| Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises gives some of the most common Russian hallmarks to look for on sterling silver from Russia. The hallmark indicates the silver content.

Silver Electrical Contacts to Refine | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Don from Salt Lake City, Utah asks Arch Enterprises about refining silver electrical contacts.

Selling Sterling Silver Tea Sets | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch helps Heidi from Central Missouri in deciding whether to resell her silver tea service or send to a refiner to get the best price.

How to Sell Sterling Silver Tableware | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Matt from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been through Arch’s website and videos about refining sterling silver and wants to know what the next step is to sell his sterling silver tableware, vases and more.

Silver and Gold Jewelry Refining | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises works with customers that have large amounts of gold and silver to refine on a regular basis. Jack from Birmingham, Alabama looks to Arch to refine scrap silver and gold jewelry.

Where to Sell Silver Tableware | Precious Metal Refining Blog

As one of the leading refiners of silver, Arch Enterprises has the expertise to refine Betty from Richmond, Virginia’s large collection of sterling silver tableware, flatware, vases and candlesticks.

Where to Refine Silver Sludge from Photo Processing | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises has the ability to refine the silver sludge from black and white photo processing that Kent from St. Louis, Missouri inquires about.

Refine Sterling Silver Sheet, Wire & Scrap | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Deanna in Destin, Florida asks about her sterling silver sheets, wire and scrap from a jewelry class. Arch Enterprises recommends knowing the market value of sterling silver first.

Where to Sell Pre 1964 US Silver Coins | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Jon from Ottumwa, Iowa has pre 1964 silver coins he would like to sell. Arch Enterprises refines silver coins returning payments back on the silver recovered.

Retailers Sell Sterling Silver Jewelry for Refining and Recycling

Jack from Providence, Rhode Island, is a jewelry retailer and asked Arch Enterprises about selling sterling silver jewelry that is outdated and not longer fit for his store.

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware & Tableware – Gorham Silver

Eli in Rogers, Arkansas asks Arch Enterprises about selling Gorham brand sterling silverware and serving pieces.

Sell Old Watch Batteries | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises helps Jennifer from Atlanta, Georgia and Jon in Rapid City, South Dakota with their questions about silver oxide battery refining.

Where Can I Sell Silver Dimes | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises, expert silver refiner, answers Anthony from Fort Smith, Arkansas about selling silver dimes.

Where Can I Sell Sterling Silver Flatware – Gorham Greenbrier Brand?

Arch Enterprises helps Karalyn from Santa Fe, New Mexico with selling sterling silver flatware and serving pieces for profit.

What is Pure Scrap Silver Powder Worth | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Robin from Cape Girardeau, Missouri asks a question to Arch Enterprises about recycling scrap silver powder.

X-Ray Film Recycling | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Donna in Knoxville, Tennessee asks Arch Enterprises, precious metal refiner, about X-ray film silver recovery and recycling from her vet hospital.

Sterling Silver Flatware from Grandma

I have approximately 250 pieces of sterling silver flatware. My grandmother collected it over 50 years, not from one set, but from everywhere! There may be closer to 300 pieces. From Greg in Farmington, Missouri

What is Nickel Silver?

Is any value in recycling flatware that’s marked nickel silver?

How to Sell Rough Poured Silver Bars

Hi I have 6 silver bars weighing a total of 743.69 ounces. I would like an estimate of the value. I would also like to know how and where to sell these bars. Thanks! From Sarah in Mobile, Alabama

Silver Cookware and Serving Pieces

I have about 13 pounds of Anchor Hocking brand silver cookware and serving pieces. They are very old, dating back to the early 1900’s or before. Could you please tell me how much these are worth? From Kim in Long Beach, Florida

Silver Recovery from X-Ray Film and Collection Bucket from Fixer Used to Process X-Rays

I have 300-400 pounds of used x-ray film, out of jackets, as well as one silver collection bucket from the fixer used to process the x-rays. Could you please give me an estimate of the value of the film and collected silver? Thanks. – From Joseph in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

What Do All These Markings Mean on My Silverware?

I have silver tableware with the following markings: .925 fine silver | 5 troy ounces | id # 060061 | silver town. What do these mean? And what is the value of my items? – From Sue in Newark, New Jersey

Value of Silver Plated Flatware

I have a sterling silver plated large serving tray and 2 wine goblets. What would the dollar valve be? From Karen in Southern California

What is My Reed and Barton Bowl Worth?

I have a Reed and Barton bowl marked 900. It weighs 30 troy ounces. What do you think this is worth? – From Ryan in Reno, Nevada

What is the Value of 10 Pounds of Sterling Silverware?

I have a 12 person set of sterling silver from the late 1800’s. There are roses around the edges with M etched into the pieces and ornate roses on the handle. I have about 10 lbs. of silverware. – From John in Lapeer, Minnesota

Silver Recovery from War Nickels

I have a large number of rolls of 35% silver WWII nickels. Can you refine them into a 100 oz silver bar for me?

Silver Flake Refining

I have approx. 5 pounds of “silver flake” extracted from scrap x-ray film 15 years ago. I’m not certain of the purity. I used to sell it to a buyer in the Reno area. Do you have a buyer in the Las Vegas area? – From Jay

How does your medical x-ray film recycling work?

How does your medical x-ray film recycling work? Do I have to send in my x-rays? – Sara in Memphis, TN

How much is the silver from developing negatives in printing worth refined?

I have 7.7 silver from developing negatives in printing, how much would this bring if I took it to refine? – Trisha in Pittsburg, KS

Is it worth recycling 160 pounds of old negatives?

We are clearing out our office and realized we still have about 160 pounds worth of old negatives from our monthly publication. Wonder if these are worth recycling? – Dixie in Berkeley, CA

What is the best way to sell silver coins?

I have some old silver coins that I would like to sell. What is the best way to go about this? — Amber in Pensacola, FL

Is there an easy way to tell what grade a silver item is?

Is there an easy way to tell what grade a silver item is? — Austin in Naperville, IL

Precious Metal Terms and Uses

I am an avid metal detector user and am studying up on some of the industry terminology as I prepare to get some of the items I have found refined. For examples, what is meant by “gold filled”, “troy ounce” and “pennyweight.” — Rick in Louisiana, MO

Refining Silver Flatware and Tableware

Video featuring some of the issues affecting the valuation of sterling silver flatware and tableware.