I have tons of old negatives and was wondering how much it takes for it to actually matter. Also if we don’t have enough where would we take them to dispose of them. Thanks from Tori in Juliet, TN.

Hi Tori,

By a “ton” do you mean hundreds of pounds or truckloads? Some people’s perception of having a “ton” of photo film is very different. We would recommend having at least 300 lbs of material. If you do not have this much, you could still send it to our facility and we could recycle the material for you, however would not be able to offer a return and you would still have to cover the shipping fees, which may not be cost effective for you.

age-old film

Other places you could try if you do not have enough, might be a local recycling company or even a school. Our advice would be to call around in your area to find out.

If you have more than 300 lbs., let us know and we may be able to help arrange freight for the material (especially if you literally have a “ton”). Make sure that you have your black and white film separated from your color film, as the color does not contain silver. Hope that helps!

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