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Sell Black & White Negatives from Photography

Ed in Columbus, Ohio asks Arch Enterprises about minimums on sending black and white negatives from photography to a precious metal refiner.

Value of Knives from Sterling Silver Sets

Jimmy from Indianapolis, IN has a sterling silver set to refine and asks Arch Enterprises about the knives in the set, as the whole knife is not sterling.

Where to Refine & Sell Industrial Silver Material? X-Ray Film, Flake, Silver Fixer

Levi in Tucson, Arizona asks where the best place to sell silver flake, x-ray film and silver fixer would be. We recommend selling industrial grade silver to a precious metal refiner.

Value of Raw Silver Beads

I have 12 pounds of raw silver beads. What are they worth? From Jody in Little Rock, Arkansas

What Does 555 Stamped on Sterling Silver Mean?

Terry from Chicago asks “What does “555” stamp on sterling silver mean?” There are many different hallmarks and markings from different countries and time periods. Learn some of the most common.