Hi I have eight pieces of old WM Rogers silverware and two knives made of Solid Brazilian Silver. What is this worth? – Alex in Birmingham, AL

Thank you for your inquiry.  Many Wm Rogers (Rogers & Brothers) patterns are silver-plated and some are sterling.  Please look on the back of one of your pieces and see if it has the hallmark or word “sterling” or the numbers “925”.  If it doesn’t, more than likely it is silver plated and unfortunately, we cannot offer returns on silver plated material, unless you have 50 lbs or more of silver plated flatware.

Also, “Solid Brazilian Silver” is a name used for nickel silver, also called German silver; it has the appearance of a silvery-white color, but actually contains no silver at all.  Typically, it is made up of copper, nickel and zinc.

sterling silverware value

If you determine your WM Rogers flatware is sterling, please feel free to request an estimate with the weight of your pieces, excluding any knives (but please give the count of how many knives you have, for example (8) knives).

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