Q: What can I do with gold teeth and bridges? How much gold is in these items? – From Lily in Houston, TX


Sell Gold Teeth

A: Thank you for your inquiry.  Determining the value of gold teeth and bridges can be very challenging because dental gold is often alloyed with many different metals. Over the years, we have received dental gold that ranged from 5 to 15 karats.  Since the grade of the gold significantly affects the value of the items, we often have to run the items through testing equipment to determine the precious metal content percentages.  It can also be difficult to determine the exact weight of items as they often have parts of the tooth and other dental material still attached to them. Due to these factors and the more challenging refining process associated with dental gold, we usually pay between 80-85% on the fine gold content depending on the amount one sends in to be refined. For smaller shipments the payout percentage may not be as high.

If you have 1.5 ounces or more of dental scrap and would like to send in what you have, we will email you the results of the value and content of gold before processing. Then, with customers consent, we will process and send you your payment.

Thank you for your question. We hope that you will consider Arch for refining your dental scrap.

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