I have 3-4 ounces of Watlow platinum thermocouple wire I would like to sell. How much could you give me and how does the process work? Do I send you the metal to evaluate first? – From John in New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi John,

We can buy and refine platinum thermocouple wire. We will not know the percentage of platinum in the wire without an analysis. However, we have testing equipment that provides this information to us. Once we know the metal content, we can provide you an estimate. Given the costs involved in refining thermocouple wire, we typically pay about 70% of the platinum content.

As for shipping, 4 ounces isn’t too heavy. Therefore, you could send using the U.S. Post Office’s priority mail boxes, but you can use DHL, UPS, or FedEx, without incurring much cost. Visit our website for more information about the shipping process. Also remember to request a signature required upon delivery.

For platinum items we can call you if you would like after we have evaluated the platinum. Please indicate that request on the packing slip with your shipment.