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Jewelry Refiner/Recycling



Jewelry Payouts on scrap jewelry are based on the amount and regularity of your shipments. We have built a strong base of jewelry store and gold buying clients by offering very competitive rates on high volumes of gold.  Plus, as one of the largest silver refiners in the United States, we can offer extremely competitive returns on scrap silver jewelry, flatware, and other items.

With our XRF analytical testing equipment, we have the technology to evaluate non-marked items and account for the precious metal in these pieces.

Components Other items that jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, and jewelry mills regularly refine …
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Sell – Refine Platinum Wire

I believe I have several ounces of platinum wire (my father had been holding onto it for quite some time). Thanks! From Chelsea in Austin, Texas

Sell Small Gauge Platinum Wire | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Charlie from Madison, Wisconsin asks precious metal refiner Arch Enterprises about how much his small gauge platinum wire is worth refined.

Refine Platinum from Laboratory Electrode Wire and Mesh

I have laboratory electrode wire and mesh to recycle. Most of it should be 97% platinum and 3% rhodium. Mesh may be 100% platinum. I have about 38 grams combined. What is the value of these items? From Ken in Omaha, Nebraska

Watlow Platinum Thermocouple Wire for Refining

I have 3-4 ounces of Watlow platinum thermocouple wire I would like to sell. How much could you give me and how does the process work? Do I send you the metal to evaluate first? – From John in New Orleans, Louisiana