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Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

QUESTION: I have 13 avoirdupois pounds of Canadian coins that are dated before 1968. These are all from the Canadian Mint. What can you give me for these? – From Bridget in Maine

ANSWER: Hi Bridget,

Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

Thank you for your inquiry.  Depending on circulation, for Canadian coins up to the year 1967, the silver content was 80% silver by weight.  During the year 1967, the silver composition of circulating coins was reduced from 80% to 50%.  As such, coins were minted that look identical, but are composed of either 80 or 50 …
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Troy Ounce Silver Price

Question: “I have recently inherited a silver coin collection and the coins have “one troy ounce, .999 fine silver” written on the back of them. What does troy ounce mean, and how much can I expect to get from each of them?” – From Hayden in Portland, Oregon

Hi Hayden,

Thank you for sending us pictures of your troy ounce silver coins. Silver is unique in that, because it is a universal precious metal, there is a standardized measuring method that is used for determining its worth. The American version of ounces does not equate to a troy ounce, which …
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Sell Silver Dimes, Mercury Dimes & Barber Dimes

Gary in Raleigh, North Carolina has Silver Dimes, Mercury Dimes and Barber Dimes to sell. Arch Enterprises, precious metal refiner, responds to Gary about selling silver coins to a refiner.

1971 – 1976 Eisenhower “Ike” Dollars

Dee in Camden Arkansas asks Arch Enterprises about her 1971-1975 Eisenhower silver dollars.

How Much are Silver Strike Coins Worth?

Lou from New York asks precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises, how much his silver strike coins are worth from Las Vegas casinos.