I have 13 avoirdupois pounds of Canadian coins that are dated before 1968. These are all from the Canadian Mint. What can you give me for these? – From Bridget in Maine

Hi Bridget,

Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

Thank you for your inquiry.  Depending on circulation, for Canadian coins up to the year 1967, the silver content was 80% silver by weight.  During the year 1967, the silver composition of circulating coins was reduced from 80% to 50%.  As such, coins were minted that look identical, but are composed of either 80 or 50 percent silver.  If any of your coins are dated 1967, then the silver content could vary and the estimate quoted below would be different.

Based on the day we receive your shipment at our refinery, we return 80% of the N.Y. Comex Spot market based price of Silver per troy ounce. As of right now, the Spot price of Silver is $17.33, per troy ounce.  There are 14.583 troy ounces to every Avoirdupois Pound. Based on this, here is the process that we use to calculate payment.

13 lbs. x 14.583 troy ounces = 189.579 troy ounces x 80% silver content = 151.66 troy ounces of fine silver content

151.66 troy ounces x $17.33 Spot = $2,628.27 x .80 = $2,102.62, your return, had we received your coins today at the refinery.

Thank you for your question. Please contact us if you would like to send us your material.


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