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Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

QUESTION: I have 13 avoirdupois pounds of Canadian coins that are dated before 1968. These are all from the Canadian Mint. What can you give me for these? – From Bridget in Maine

ANSWER: Hi Bridget,

Pre 1968 Canadian Silver Coins

Thank you for your inquiry.  Depending on circulation, for Canadian coins up to the year 1967, the silver content was 80% silver by weight.  During the year 1967, the silver composition of circulating coins was reduced from 80% to 50%.  As such, coins were minted that look identical, but are composed of either 80 or 50 …
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Sell Silver Dimes, Mercury Dimes & Barber Dimes

Gary in Raleigh, North Carolina has Silver Dimes, Mercury Dimes and Barber Dimes to sell. Arch Enterprises, precious metal refiner, responds to Gary about selling silver coins to a refiner.