I work for a Veterinary Clinic and we are in need of purging old x-rays films. How do we go about getting them recycled? From Sandy in Louisville, Kentucky

Hi Sandy,

The way to go about recycling old x-ray film will really depend on how much you have. For small amounts less than 200 lbs it is not worth paying for transportation and we would recommend taking them somewhere more locally. You could check your local recycling center. However, their conditions vary so you might want to call first to see if they do take X-ray film.

For large amounts we can help you arrange freight, as well as return a payment back to you for the silver content we extract from the x-ray film. If your shipment is worth refining, we would recommend separating the X-ray film from the jackets so you are only transporting the necessary material to the refining facility.

If you can provide a more accurate measure for how much X-ray film you are dealing with, we can give you a more accurate estimate.