Question: Do you buy the gold ore that has been processed into coin size pieces? It is gold “mined” by family and friends. I have about 4.1 troy ounces of this 22 kt. Gold. From Virginia in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi Virginia,

Yes, we do buy gold ore. Do you have any documentation about the purity of your gold ore? If not we would run some tests with our XRF (X-ray fluorescence) equipment to find what the percentage of gold is in your ore.

To get a general estimate of your gold ore I would recommend going to our gold conversion calculator. By plugging in the weight (4.1 troy ounces), purity (22 kt.) and daily gold price ($1,725.90 today) you will get the market value of your gold items. Arch could pay more than 90% of the gold value back to you if you have over 2 ounces of pure gold available from your ore.

Thanks for your question!

*This price may not reflect the current price of silver when this blog entry was posted. The output from the calculator is not a confirmation of the purchase price from Arch Enterprises.