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How Much is Silver in X-Ray Film Worth? | Precious Metal Refining Blog

“Should we be receiving money for the X-ray film that we send out from our hospital to be shredded and destroyed?” From Lori in Chicago, Illinois.

Send Medical X-Ray Film to a Refiner | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Medical offices with overstuffed storage rooms full of X-ray film look to Arch Enterprises to purge the X-rays and refine the silver.

Recycle X-Ray Film | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Kevin from Charleston, West Virginia asks, “I’ve been told that you can melt X-ray film down and get silver from them. Is this true?” Arch Enterprises refines silver from X-ray film.

Start an X-Ray Film Recycling Program | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Arch Enterprises helps Gene from Tallahassee, Florida with starting an X-ray film recycling program in her medical institution.

X-Ray Film Recycling | Precious Metal Refining Blog

Donna in Knoxville, Tennessee asks Arch Enterprises, precious metal refiner, about X-ray film silver recovery and recycling from her vet hospital.