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How to Find the Value of Gold Teeth| Precious Metal Refining Blog

Hank in Wichita, Kansas asks Arch Enterprises about the karat weight used in gold teeth from dental offices.

Where Can I Sell Gold Teeth, Bridges and Other Dental Scrap?

Arch Enterprises refining experts answers questions regarding where to sell gold teeth and bridges and how much they are worth.

Dental Scrap Refining | Gold Teeth and Crowns

I have 2 gold crowns. What is the gold value from these? – From Rob in Des Moines, Iowa | I have 5 lbs of very small pieces of dental scrap that came from a retired dentist. – from Larry in Phoenix, Arizona | I have several teeth and crowns with gold filling that have been extracted. I would like the gold recovered and returned as a single nugget and returned. – From Stacy in Raymond, Illinois | I have about 10 grams of a three tooth bridge, two gold caps and one gold tooth. – From Matt in Chicago, Illinois