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What do the markings 70% and SSS on my Silver Flatware Mean?

Gwen from Oregon asks Arch Enterprises if her silver flatware marked 70% and SSS is worth anything.

Where Can I Sell Sterling Silver Flatware – Gorham Greenbrier Brand?

Arch Enterprises helps Karalyn from Santa Fe, New Mexico with selling sterling silver flatware and serving pieces for profit.

Sterling Silver Flatware from Grandma

I have approximately 250 pieces of sterling silver flatware. My grandmother collected it over 50 years, not from one set, but from everywhere! There may be closer to 300 pieces. From Greg in Farmington, Missouri

What Do All These Markings Mean on My Silverware?

I have silver tableware with the following markings: .925 fine silver | 5 troy ounces | id # 060061 | silver town. What do these mean? And what is the value of my items? – From Sue in Newark, New Jersey

Refining Silver Flatware and Tableware

Video featuring some of the issues affecting the valuation of sterling silver flatware and tableware.