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How Much Gold Are In Gold Teeth & Bridges?

Q: What can I do with gold teeth and bridges? How much gold is in these items? – From Lily in Houston, TX

Sell Gold Teeth

A: Thank you for your inquiry.  Determining the value of gold teeth and bridges can be very challenging because dental gold is often alloyed with many different metals. Over the years, we have received dental gold that ranged from 5 to 15 karats.  Since the grade of the gold significantly affects the value of the items, we often have to run the items through testing equipment to determine the precious metal …
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Sell Dental Scrap to Arch Enterprises

How to Find the Value of Gold Teeth| Precious Metal Refining Blog

Hank in Wichita, Kansas asks Arch Enterprises about the karat weight used in gold teeth from dental offices.

Where Can I Sell Gold Teeth, Bridges and Other Dental Scrap?

Arch Enterprises refining experts answers questions regarding where to sell gold teeth and bridges and how much they are worth.

Gold and Platinum Recovery from the 1800’s

I have 8 ounces of gold sheets for dental use from the 1880’s and platinum from the 1800’s as well. The platinum is in a powder form. Wondering what the value of these items would be today. From Katie in Memphis, Tennessee