I have a small quantity of platinum mesh that was used in testing/measurement equipment. I’ve read some of the questions that have been sent to you and understand you offer 70% of the market value, is that correct? How do I send the platinum mesh to you? I can weigh and convert to troy ounces, but what is the time frame to receive payment? Thanks! From Robert in Alma, Michigan.

Hi Robert,

You are correct in that our typical return for industrial platinum material such as platinum mesh is 70% back on the platinum value that is refined.

We always recommend weighing your items at home and please fill out our packing slip. In the special notes section you can put the weight that you had and we will match it to what we find. We will notify you if our findings do not match your description.

Turnaround time on your material should be no more than 7 business days. However, we can normally mail a check after 3 business days of receiving your material. If we have to test or analyze your material further, is what can take longer.

Because precious metal prices are always changing we use the most recent price when your items come into our facility. Platinum is trading at around $1,766 USD per troy ounce.*

Please use this information if you would like to insure your items through the mail. And choose the “Signature Required Upon Delivery” option so that we sign for your package.

*This price may not reflect the current price of platinum, as it is not updated daily as the price changes.

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