I have 2 silver bars that I had bought back in 1981. One of the bars is 101.16 oz. the other is 25.11oz. They are both .999. I had purchased them from Tri State Refining & Investment Co. I would like to know what they could be sold for? Thank you, from Gene in Camanche, Iowa

Hi Gene,

Can you believe that 30 years have past since you purchased those silver bars?

You actually choose a great time to purchase your silver bars as the price of silver in 1981 dropped considerably compared to what it was in 1980, making the beginning of the 90s a bad time to sell. However, the price of silver has risen steadily over the last 10 years, surpassing 1980s high that peaked at around $49 per troy ounce. More about the history of silver prices can be found on The Silver Institute’s website: www.silverinstitute.org.

We offer a precious metal calculator tool that can give you a good indication of what your material is worth when you sell it to a refiner. You simply put in the weight and purity of your silver and enter in the current price of silver. Since the price of silver changes daily, go to money.cnn.com.data/commodities.index.html for the updated silver prices. *Today silver is trading at $28.32 USD/troy ounce.

This calculator provides market indicates of what your silver is worth if it were in investment grade form. It does not factor in shipping or refining costs.

*This prices may not reflect the current price of silver when this blog entry was posted.