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Where to Sell & Refine Dental X-Ray Film

Do you know of a place to sell silver from dental x-rays? From Denny in Panama City, Florida

Hi Denny!

You have come to the right place! We have the capabilities to handle large shipments of x-ray film here at our refining facility in Mexico, Missouri including those from dental offices.

Here are the bullet point things to keep in mind. And we have also included some of our past blog articles about selling x-ray film:

  • Quantity: You will need to send at least 300-400 pounds of X-ray film, removed from the paper jackets, to receive a payment and recover the shipping cost.
  • Shipping: We would recommend filling one or two 50 gallon drums of X-ray film and then shipping the film in the drums.
  • Sorting: We can help sort and purge x-rays in eight states including Alabama, Northern Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Which would include Panama City if you have enough material to need the service.

We currently work with eight of the top 100 hospital groups in the country and are able to process large amounts of film with quick turnaround time. Please inquire further either by phone or on our contact forms as to the amount of x-rays you have and needed services dealing with selling dental x-ray film.

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Sell Gold Jewelry Scrap & Sterling Silver

I have about 12 ounces of jewelry scrap from about 60 years ago. I think it might be gold but have not gotten a definitive answer yet. Can I send you some samples? I also have 5 to 10 pounds of old sterling silver and would like to know its value (buckles, money clips, pins, etc.) Can you also let me know if you would be interested in buying it? Thanks. From Mary in Rochester, New York

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your question. Sounds like you are doing some cleaning which could result in some extra cash for you, which is always a plus.


Since you are unsure about the purity of your gold items, we would test your pieces, refine gold that is9 karat purity (37.44% gold) or more and then either send back what is not able to refine or we could recycle it for you. If you have specific instructions for us, please indicate those on our packaging slip.

5-10 pounds of sterling silver is a large range. If your pieces are pure sterling silver, 92.5% silver, at a $35 silver price, 5 pounds of sterling silver could be worth over $2,000 silver value.  Arch would be able to pay 75% of the silver value back to you on your pieces. However, if not all of your pieces are sterling, we would recommend sorting the items you know are sterling and then check to see if your other pieces are sterling or not.

It may be better to send all of your pieces together, but would help if you kept the gold separated from the silver in different bags.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions. Or you can upload an image to show up on our Contact Form.

*Images displayed are only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.

While we are happy to give estimates on precious metal items, we are NOT antiques dealers, researchers, or retail sellers. As a precious metal refiner, we only consider the weight and amount of precious metal available to extract during the smelting and refining process.

What is the Gold Value of 14 Milligrams Pure Gold?

What is 14 milligrams (mg) of gold worth? I am considering purchasing some Buffalo tribute coins that are clad in 14 mgs of pure 24 kt. Gold and want to know what this gold is worth. – Thanks from Julie in Chicago, Illinois.

Hi Julie,

Gold is measured in troy ounces. When you see the daily price of gold, you are mostly likely seeing the price per troy ounce. This can be confusing when you are working with other units of measurement.

Here are some quick conversions to give you an idea about how much a troy ounce is in comparison to other units of measurement.

1 gram = 0.0321507466 troy ounces
1 milligram = 0.001 grams
1 milligram = 0.0000321507465686 troy ounces

14 milligrams = .0004494 troy ounces

Now that we have done the correct conversion, let’s talk money! Today (8-3-2011) the price of gold is at $1,637.50 USD per troy ounce.*

1 troy ounce of pure gold = $1,637.50 USD*
1 gram of pure gold = $52.65*
1 milligram of pure gold = $0.05*

14 milligrams of pure gold = $0.74*

As you can tell, 14 milligrams of gold is small. Plus these coins are clad (or covered) in gold and not made from solid gold, so it is not like we could even refine this small amout of gold from these tribute coins.

See more information on the Gold Buffalo Nickel Tribute Proof.

*Prices given reflect the price of gold when this blog post was written. Gold price may or may not be the actual current price of gold.

What is the value of a $50 2011 Buffalo Gold Tribute Coin?

What is the value of the Gold Buffalo Nickel Proof by National Collector’s Mint? From Dan in St. Louis

In order to comment on your questions, we reviewed the company’s commercial on their website and uses some terminology that is confusing people.

Please read our translation of this TV advertisement. You have to “read between the lines” of the commercial and catch all of the important bits of information.

Gold coin

Advertisement Translation
2011 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof Obviously, this coin does NOT have a face value of $50.00. It is a tribute proof coin that has no face value. They are a novelty only and that is why they can sell them for under $10.
Description of ORIGNIAL Gold Coin “America’s purist gold coin ever. It was the first one ever struck using .9999 pure 24K gold” … “Price of the original edition is going through the roof.”

They are describing the ORIGINAL coin. NOT the replica they are selling.

This coin is only a COPY of the original. It even has the word “Copy” printed on the coin.

Clad in 14 mgs. Of Pure 24 KT Gold

1) Clad means that it is only plated with gold and is made mostly of some other metal

2) 14 mgs. is worth is about $0.50 to $0.75 cents of gold value.

Read more about the value of 14 mgs of gold on our previous blog post.

Distributed by the National Collector’s Mint Despite the official sounding name, this is a private company. It is NOT an official US government mint. They make replicas
“With gold skyrocketing past $1,300 an ounce, price can only be guaranteed for 7 days.” This is an area that could cause confusion as it implies that the market price of gold has an effect on the value of this coin. The reality is that the amount (14 mgs) of gold is so small that a change in the price of gold by $100 would only affect this coins gold value by 4.5 cents.

The bottom line is that these tribute gold buffalo coins that you see advertised on TV have no gold value. People wishing to invest in gold should not buy these coins. Think of them more like commemorative spoons or plates.

Refining Silver Electrical Contacts

What is a good place to sell silver electrical contacts? Do you all do this? How much silver is in electrical contacts? Thanks! From Dan in Waterford, Michigan

Hi Dan,

Thanks for contacting us!

You will be happy to know that you have come to the right place. We can refine silver electrical contacts. In our experience of refining electrical contacts made from tungsten silver, they can contain between 25-30 percent silver.

Refining this type of material is ideal because of the significant amount of silver to extract. How much of the silver material do you have? We can help arrange freight if you have a very large shipment.

Find out more information about electrical contact from relating blog posts here:

*Image displayed is only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.