What Do All These Markings Mean on My Silverware?

I have silver tableware with the following markings: .925 fine silver | 5 troy ounces | id # 060061 | silver town. What do these mean? And what is the value of my items? – From Sue in Newark, New Jersey

Hi Sue,

It is better to have too many markings on your silverware than no markings! Your markings can give us a good indication of the value of your silver. I’ll try and break it down.

.925 fine silver means that your items are 92.5% silver.

5 troy ounces is the weight. Troy ounces are different than your standard ounce that you can find on a postal scale. Average ounces or standard ounces are called avoirdupois ounces.

The formula to change standard ounces to troy ounces is as follows:
Standard Ounce Weight x .912 = Troy Ounce Weight

For example:
16 standards ounces x .912 = 14.59 troy ounces

ID # is the number given to the items by the manufacturer. I am assuming that silver town is the manufacturer, although I cannot find a record of the company. This information might be important if you were trying to sell these items for their retail or collection value instead of their melt value.

We can offer 75% of your tableware’s fine silver content by weight. However, keep in mind that many times the knife blades are stainless steel as silver is too soft to create a reasonable cutting device, obviously this decreases their melt value as steel is not a precious metal. On heavy items like tableware and silverware, we recommend using the US Post Office’s flat rate, priority mail boxes because you can fit a lot of material without worrying about the weight. For more information about refining silverware, visit our website. Hope this information helps!

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5 Responses to “What Do All These Markings Mean on My Silverware?”

  1. Dinnerware says:


    Well I am not sure about these markings in very particular case…. But still your post made me aware about it… thanks


  2. Cathy says:


    I have a Kleeblatt pie spoon marked 100 4 on the back. What does this mean?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Most likely what you have is a German piece and if you see “90”, “100” or “150” on it, then it is most likely made of silver plate. So we would not be able to refine you silver plated piece.

    Thanks for your question!

  4. Sandra Cole says:

    Hi – I have some flatware that is stamped “R N of A” on the frontside of the handle. What could this mean? Thanks so much!

  5. admin says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Since we are not antique dealers or experts in serving wear, we cannot say what “R N of A” means. Are there any other markings that would indicate sterling? As indicated in the blog post, we are really looking for the purity of silver such as “925” to give silver refining estimates.

    Besides doing a few at home tests, you would really need your items looked at by a professional to know. Some local jewelers can do this for you. Or even reseller shops may have the materials needed to find out. If you have a LARGE lot of items you could contact us to see if we could do an assay on your items by sending in just one or two pieces. http://www.archenterprises.com/contact-us.html

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