Value of 14K Gold Ring

I have a 14 karat gold ring that weighs 0.3 ounces on my postal scale. Can you tell me what the value of gold in this ring is and what I should expect to get for it from a refiner? – Bob in Columbia, MO

To determine the value of gold in your 14K gold ring, there are a few issues to consider:

  • Weight – Unfortunately postal scales are not accurate enough when one is considering the valuing of a gold item, but in this case, we measured the ring that you sent in and found it to actually did weigh 8 grams or 0.2822 ounces.
  • Percentage of Gold – 14K Gold is supposed to contain 58.24% gold while the rest is typically made up of copper, zinc, nickel, and other metals.  We ran your ring through our X-Ray analyzer and found that it actually contained 66.89% gold.  See Video Clip.

  • Price of Gold – On July 22, the price of gold closed at $951.42 per ounce.  Keep in mind that gold is valued in troy ounces and Americans typically think of an ounce as what is termed a avoirdupois ounce.  Troy ounces actually weigh a little more than avoirdupois ounces so you actually have less than .2822 troy ounces of gold.  To get your value in troy ounces, you would actually have to multiply .2822 avoirdupois ounces by .912.

So, the amount of pure gold in your particular 14K gold ring weighing .2822 avoirdupois ounces with a gold percentage of 66.89% was 0.18877 ounces.  To figure out its value in troy ounces, we mulitplied this number by .912 to get 0.172 Troy Ounces.  Mulitplying this by today’s rate for gold of $951.52 and your gold is worth $163.79.

Of course, the refiner needs to melt this into a form that someone wants and make a profit so you should expect anywhere from 70% to 90% of this value from a refiner.  Most refiners won’t deal in quantities this low.  At Arch Enterprises, we do, but we pay on a scale that ranges from 80% for those who send in less than 1 ounce of pure gold to over 90% for those sending in over 2 ounces.

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4 Responses to “Value of 14K Gold Ring”

  1. Louis Bishop says:

    My wife recently purchased a necklace w/matching earrings at an estate sale. They are clearly marked 585 on each piece, which I believe means 14K gold; the total weight as close as I can measure is 36.6 grams. The necklace is about 17.5 inches long and the earrings are 36 mm x 14 mm. Can you estimate the value as my wife says “These are UGLY, but they might pay for something pretty!” Thanks, Louis

  2. Arch Enterprises says:

    Hi Louis,

    Looks like your wife has a good eye and you are right — 585 means that your necklace is 58.5% gold which indicates 14K gold. We would be able to pay your for approximately 85% of the gold value of your items if you send them in to our refinery.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. julie says:

    I own a necklace and interested to know its value. It weighs 1.7 troy ounces of gold. The karat value is 18 to 21. There is stamping on the clasp but unfortuately it is arabic…and I have know idea how to read it. I would also like to know if there is a difference in the value if I were to melt it down and selling it or just selling it as scrap. Thanks for your time.

  4. pam says:

    1880 gold wedding ring 14k gold value

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