Silver Recovery from X-Ray Film and Collection Bucket from Fixer Used to Process X-Rays

I have 300-400 pounds of used x-ray film, out of jackets, as well as one silver collection bucket from the fixer used to process the x-rays. Could you please give me an estimate of the value of the film and collected silver? Thanks. – From Joseph in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hi Joseph,

We can recover the silver from x-ray film and from your silver collection bucket. For the film, we could also help you coordinate freight or transportation.

I think you are talking about a small filter that is called an MRC or CRC that is used to exchange silver from iron from fixer solutions. Depending on the silver concentration from the collection bucket we could return 60%-70% of the silver’s value.

It’s great that you are recycling these items instead of throwing them out. It’s a great way to add a little more money in your pocket, as well as having the peace of mind that the silver will be recycled and reused in such industries as medical, jewelry or auto. Thanks so much Joseph!

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One Response to “Silver Recovery from X-Ray Film and Collection Bucket from Fixer Used to Process X-Rays”

  1. AKO says:

    I have a quantity of x-Ray films and fixer solution after using.
    can you help me and tell me how I can recover the silver?
    to help my daughter who study dentistry in a civil univercity.


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