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Karat Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Recycling

Buyers of Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry direct with the Refiner Arch Enterprises.

Gold Refining

Recycle your unwanted Karat Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry direct with Arch Enterprises Inc.

All your X-ray Film Recycling

Take the worries out and use Arch Enterprises Inc. for recycling x-ray film.  Arch Enterprises Inc. has been in business for 23 years processing material for major fortune 500 companies in their years of doing business.  Arch Enterprises has expanded into other areas of Precious Metals Refining including EP Tip Catheters, Silver Oxide Batteries, Platinum wire, Silver Carbon, Dental Scrap, Karat Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Chemical Catalysts, Palladium wire, Rhodium and much more.   Check us out at www.ArchEnterprises.com

Gold Recovery from a Gemstone Ring

“I was recently given a gold gemstone ring and am looking to sell it. Is it possible for you to remove the gem and buy the gold? If so, how much can I expect to get from the ring or is it better to just sell the ring as is?”

Thanks, Shelly – Houston, Texas.

Hi Shelly,

First off thank you for your question. As a gold refining company, we do not remove gems or diamonds from jewelry as a standard. However, Arch is equipped for gold recovery after a gem has been removed, but we will need the rings …
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Value of 14k Gold Rope Necklace

I have a gold rope necklace that is 14k gold. It weighs 1.176717 standard ounces. What is the value of this necklace if sold for the melt value? Thanks from Lee in Yakima, Washington.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your question. We would …
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