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45 Rolls of War Nickels

I have 45 rolls of US War Nickels, which is 1,800 coins. What are these worth? From Nathan in Birmingham, Alabama

What is the Value of 10 Pounds of Sterling Silverware?

I have a 12 person set of sterling silver from the late 1800’s. There are roses around the edges with M etched into the pieces and ornate roses on the handle. I have about 10 lbs. of silverware. – From John in Lapeer, Minnesota

How much would 33 quarters and 39 half dollars be worth refined?

I have quite a few silver coins: 33 quarters and 39 half dollars. I’ve been watching silver prices and thought now would be a good time to sell these. How much are these silver coins worth refined? – Terri in Carrollton, Texas

What is the best way to sell silver coins?

I have some old silver coins that I would like to sell. What is the best way to go about this? — Amber in Pensacola, FL