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Sell Dental Scrap to Arch Enterprises

Gold Teeth & Dental Crowns Value

I have two dental crowns, two gold molars made of mixed metal, according to my dentist. He said metal refiners buy such things and break them down into their separate metals. Do you do that? Thanks from Brett in Milwaukee, WI.

Hi Brett,

Yes! As a precious metal refiner we have the capabilities to recover gold from the dental items you have described. Since dental gold is not hallmarked like gold jewelry (14k, 18k etc), you need to make sure that your …
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Sell Dental Gold to Dental Refiners

“I have .52576 oz Yellow Dental Gold And .73968 oz of Hi Noble Dental Gold. How much can I receive for this material? –From a dentist in Chicago, Illinois.” We recommend selling dental gold to dental refiners that specialize in working with dental gold and that work with dental offices on a regular basis.

How to Find the Value of Gold Teeth| Precious Metal Refining Blog

Hank in Wichita, Kansas asks Arch Enterprises about the karat weight used in gold teeth from dental offices.