Refining Platinum from Catalytic Converters

I have about 50 catalytic converters come in per month. I also have bare copper wire and copper tubing some with and some without solder joints. Are these items worth anything? – From Dave in Kansas City, Missouri

Hi Dave,

We can recover platinum and palladium metals from catalytic converters. However, refining this material is not only difficult, but very time and energy consuming. As such, we do not buy whole catalytic converters but rather the pellets and honeycombs from units that have been “de-canned.”

Call or email for a custom quote if you have greater than 100 lbs of “de-canned” catalytic converter material.

For less than 100 lbs of pellets or honeycombs we pay the following prices:

Non-Diesel Engines

  • For  loose pellets from non-diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.
  • For honeycomb material from non-diesel engines we pay $8.00 per pound.

Diesel Engines

  • For loose pellets from diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.
  • For honeycomb material from diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.

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5 Responses to “Refining Platinum from Catalytic Converters”

  1. wayne kidder says:

    Catalytic Converters, Platinum, platinum refining.
    I’m looking for a supplier of the pellets from the catalyic converter.
    I have a project that would require about a 1/2 of a coffee cups worth and came upon your site as a recycler of these pellets. Would you consider selling a pound of these to an individual and for what price?

    Look forward to your reply.


  2. Arch Enterprises says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your question. We do refine platinum from catalytic converters and can offer $3.00 per pound for loose pellets. So unfortunately shipping one pound might not be worth it to you at this time.

  3. diamond jewelries says:

    Very nice information.

  4. ron nelson says:

    Im looking for a refiner near michigan for selling my converters 300-500 month thanks

  5. admin says:

    Hi Ron —

    It would be ideal if you submitted your contact information to us here:


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