Raw Gold Ore Testing from Gold Panning

I watch gold fever on the outdoor channel on Saturday morning. If I had the supplies, I think I would try panning myself. I asked the pawn shop if I could bring it there if I found any gold. She said they could test it but didn’t say if she would buy it. Do I deal with a pawn shop or you guys with raw ore like that? Giving 1 oz as an example, and todays prices, how much does testing cost and the net cost after testing? — Sue

Hi Sue!

You can send us samples of the raw ore and we can analyze them for $75-$150 depending on the size of the rock you send us. If we end up refining it we will not charge you the fee for testing. We can return to you a large percentage of gold value after refining but the exact amount will depend on the quality and volume you find.

Be careful when dealing with pawn shops and selling raw gold to them. Because they will most likely sell the gold to a refiner like Arch Enterprises themselves, it’s in your best interest to sell directly to a refiner without middleman pawnshops. Hope this helps, good luck panning.


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10 Responses to “Raw Gold Ore Testing from Gold Panning”

  1. Cory says:

    I found some gold ore with quartz and it had silver in it as well as gold cause part of the rock I crushed and me and a old time prospector panned it and he confirmed it was gold as well as a good amount of silver in the rock, I would like to have a reliable company analyze it. also I found a good source of copper do you deal with that?

  2. Arch Enterprises says:

    Hi Cory,

    I am glad you found our precious metal blog.

    To answer your question, we could test your material for the fees mentioned above and if we end up refining your material, you will not be charged for testing.

    However we do not refine scrap copper. Thanks for your question!

  3. dave buchholz says:

    How do I tell if what I have found is gold?
    Its a redesish rock about 2.5 feet diameter, found by small gorge rock cropping. With gold looking dust throughout an two guyz that can easily throw around 200#.couldn’t budge it

  4. ivan says:

    Question please:
    I have 1 Troy OZ. Of placer gold I acquired thru prospecting. Half of which is course fines and the rest being Pickers and Nuggets.
    My intent is to have it refined & Returned for my personal keep.
    1. What is the process?
    2. Fees as per refining?
    3. Associated paper work to certify purity post refining?

  5. shane says:

    hi, I was wondering if i could get some ore tested and what it would cost to have it refined, I had resently accuired this so called rich gold ore from trinity county, i notice on some of the ore that there is silver looking metals and some gold looking material on it too. thank you

  6. Lee says:

    I have roughly 22 to 26 oz. of raw gold ore. Two have been tested to confirm gold content and one has not been. i would like to know how much it would cost to have it refined. The two that were tested showed yellow, white, and green gold deposits.

  7. Akindeji Akinade says:

    Please I want sell (unrefined) raw gold and I want to know your current price offer for 24k.

  8. Mark Kangas says:

    I have some unrefined gold ore,and am interested in having it tested and refined.Any information you might be able to provide on this subject,such as cost of testing and refining,as well as how to go about this process,would be greatly appreciated.

  9. kathy mackey says:

    How do I corrospond with ARCH ENTERPRISES? can I get an email or website address?

  10. admin says:

    Hi Kathy!

    You can visit our website at http://www.archenterprises.com/ or email us at info@archenterprises.com

    Let us know how we can help you.

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