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Troy Ounce Silver Price

Question: “I have recently inherited a silver coin collection and the coins have “one troy ounce, .999 fine silver” written on the back of them. What does troy ounce mean, and how much can I expect to get from each of them?” – From Hayden in Portland, Oregon

Hi Hayden,

Troy-OunceThank you for sending us pictures of your troy ounce silver coins. Silver is unique in that, because it is a universal precious metal, there is a standardized measuring method that is used for determining its worth. The American version of ounces does not equate to a troy ounce, which means that when precious metal items are refined or sold they must be weighted and assessed in troy ounces. A great way to determine the difference between a troy ounce and an average ounce is by using our Silver/Gold calculator.

The daily troy ounce prices for silver as well as other precious metals are determined by the New York Comex, and thus fluctuate daily. So if you should decide to send in your silver coins for refining, know that we will be able to give you the silver Comex price for the day we receive them not the day of shipment.
Here are some quick conversions for you:

1 troy ounce = 1.09714286 ounces
1 pound = 14.5833333 troy ounces

Review our shipping materials and packing slip should you decide to send us your silver coins.
Your question was greatly appreciated, thank you Hayden!

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*Images displayed are only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.

White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

“I have a White Gold necklace I am looking to sell, what will I get in terms of price because it’s White Gold instead of regular Gold? Thanks from Clay in Detroit, MI.”


Hi Clay,

Thanks for the inquiry! White gold can be refined in the same process that yellow (“regular”) gold. In fact, white gold holds the same amount of gold ratio that yellow gold jewelry and products contain. The primary difference has to do with the composition of the other materials that are mixed with the gold, called alloys. White gold will typically contain either silver or palladium metals, which accounts for the “white” coloring, whereas yellow gold contains either copper or zinc as its alloys.

US/karats % of Gold
24 99.84%
22 91.52%
18 74.88%
15 62.40%
14 58.24%
10 41.60%
9 37.44%

Pictured is a chart that can be used to evaluate the gold content of items we will refine. Depending on the amount of karats your necklace is, we can give you an estimate of what the refined gold would be worth.

Our payout schedule on gold depends on the purity and amount that you have. We pay 70% of the gold value back to you if you have less than 0.5 fine ounces.

Visit our website to learn more information about Gold Refining and about the types of gold items we refine and recover.

If you decide to sell your white gold necklace, please refer to our Packing Slip.

Thanks for your question Clay!

*Images displayed are only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.

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