How would you recommend shipping silver and gold material through the mail? From Kara in San Antonio, Texas

Hi Kara,

Shipping precious metal material through the mail does not have to be a daunting process if you follow some general guidelines. You can even cut your shipping expenses by using flat rate shipping boxes which we found are great for sending heavy precious metal items such as silverware that does not take up too much room. Also, for quicker processing you can choose the option to overnight mail packages or express mailing.

What to DO:
DO get a precious metal estimate and decide if you are comfortable or not with insurance and to what degree.
DO request the “Delivery Signature Required” option so you know your items are signed for.
DO weigh your items before you ship.
DO include a packing slip with your shipments.
DO track your shipment with your carrier.

DO NOT write gold, silver, platinum or any other identifying words on the outside of your shipment.
DO NOT send in silver or gold plated items to precious metal refineries.

We also advise consumers to consider the name of the company they send to. For instance we do not use “gold,” “silver,” or “precious metal” in our name intentionally so no one will know the contents of the package just by looking at whom it is shipping to.

Visit our easy 5 step process about how to ship precious metal on our website.