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My mom gave me her old sterling silver dinnerware set that she got from her mom. She told me to be careful with it because she said it came from my grandfathers first marriage. She thought it was originally from Virginia. It is a set of twelve with a serving set also. One dinner fork is missing. All have “sterling” inscribed on them. A few of the pieces have this information 1847 ROGERS BROS 6 and then it looks like a circle like O. Some other pieces have 1847 ROGERS BROS 12 with something at the end that looks like a circle or perhaps the inc. symbol? What do you feel I have going on here. And what do you think it may be worth? Thanks for your help. From Virginia in Newnan, Georgia

Hi Virginia,

Because the word “sterling” is marked on your silver pieces we can say with confidence that you have sterling silverware which is .925 silver or 92.5% silver. Bcause we are precious metal refiners we don’t know too much about sterling silver manufactures and brands. Doing some quick research online, I found that the 1847 date is the founding date of Rogers Brother and does not refer to the date your pieces were made.

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Keep in mind that precious metal refiners, like Arch Enterprises will only pay customers based on the precious metal content of the items you send to us. It sounds like you have a pretty large set so I think it would be worth doing some research into exactly what you have and where the best place would be to sell.

Many sterling silver knives and serving pieces are weighted for usability purposes. So the handles are filled with some kind of cement or wax. We weigh these items separately from those that are 100% sterling such as forks and spoons. Once you separate out any pieces that might be weighted we would recommend weighing everything else on a postal scale. Then use our precious metal calculator which will give you a good idea of what your items are worth based on the silver value. (Make sure you check the 0.925 silver check box on the calculator).

Hope this information helps! Let us know if you need more information about selling your sterling silver to be recycled and refined.

Watch this video about finding the value of sterling silverware.

*Image displayed is only a representation of the items described in this blog post and may not be true images of the items in question.

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19 Responses to “Precious Metal Refining Blog | Value of Rogers Bros Sterling Silver Dinnerware”

  1. kerry schaffer says:

    I have a spoon 1847 rogers bros, Al. Can you tell me about this? Any history would be great.

  2. Arch Enterprises says:

    Hi Kerry,

    As I mentioned in the post the date 1847 DOES NOT refer to the date that your items were manufactured. This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they include in the hallmark of their silverware.

    We are probably not the right people to be asking about history of items, as we are precious metal refiners and not antique dealers or appraisers.

    Does anyone else have any information for Kerry regarding Rogers Bros Silver?

  3. Judi Niebur says:

    I have my grandmothers silverware set. Some pieces are missing, and trying to find out if they are silver, and what their worth is. The only markings on them say Wm Rogers with a star behind and an IS on it. How do I find out, and where do I take it too to get information on this?

  4. joe says:

    IS STANDS FOR INTERNATIONAL SIVER CO the first wm rogers items were created by him his mark on the items are a wmrogerswith a star and a eagle on either ends
    those are the oldest wm rogers items which were only created for 5 years lookup trademark on wm rogers to help dae your items most of his work after that was silver plate not coin or sterling

  5. Patricia Sexton says:

    How much are these spoons worth now? Are they actually worth keeping?

  6. Bill says:

    I have some flatware marked with 1847 Rogers Brothers then stamped with an L and a S. I know it comes from the mid 60’s. Any ideas?

  7. Tom says:

    Patricia, they can be polished and are fun to use because silver is not commonly used. Bill, the L & S are likely and I and an S, which means International Silver. Unless the pieces of flatware are stamped with “STERLING”, they are likely not worth much because they are silver plate. They are worth something to a person who is adding to or completing a set. There is a good selection on e-bay and it appears that the silver plate stuff sells for a couple dollars a piece.

  8. Pam says:

    Have a very larges spoon scalloped on the spoon area. It does have the same mark 1847 RogersAL or Al and the circle.. the circle looks like it reads Sterling Silver. I know and have read the remarks above. I do alot of crafts should I make a Christmas treee ornament or keep as is.. Being truthful here.. Hubby loves to collect siver , I like to do crafts. keep as is or bend and paint on it?
    Any answer would love to hear.. Thank you.

  9. Dave says:

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I’ve inherited a 54 pc. silver set in a wooden box with red velvet. All but 8 long teaspoons are marked 1847 RogersBros IS. The long spoons say New England Sivler plate on them, they don’t match the set. I can’t find the pattern I have, anywhere. It looks closest to the Sylvia pattern, only with a fancy “S” type etching on the bottom of each handle. Can you help me to identify? I’ll sell it, as I have no need for it. Thank you!

  10. Dave says:

    sorry, it also says Insicc Stainless, as well. thanks again,…

  11. mona says:

    I have 3 spoons with the eagle then WmRogers then a star and then I S can you tell me if this is real silver?
    Thank you, Mona
    Could you also email me th response back??

  12. justin says:

    i have some forks and spoons marked wm rogers mfg co AA IS. are these plated or sterling?i also have some marked “reed & barton durable”,h.&, and EPNS A1, are these all sterling as well?

  13. marie dorion says:

    I have a set of 8 complete, is this worth any money.the set has an eagle in front ofwn rogers and a star at the end

  14. Arch Enterprises says:

    Hi @marie dorion,

    Because not all Rogers Brother products are sterling, you would need to verify if it is in fact sterling silver or not to know if it has value for its silver content or not. It is difficult just by looking at pieces to know if they are sterling or not. Try the magnet test with a strong magnet. If it sticks, you do not have sterling. If not, it doesn’t mean you have sterling, but just rules out a magnetic alloy. You could send one of your pieces in and we could tell you if it is sterling, a local jeweler could do a test, or you could try a an acid test to see. Here are a few articles that might help:

  15. Pamella says:

    For the most part sterling is marked – Sterling, 925, (there are marks in the 800 too but that isn’t quite “sterling”) and older pieces may just have maker marks, country marks and year marks.
    The variety of Rogers (Wm, Wm A, 1847, 1865, 1881, etc.)are usually marked.
    Pam the mark is A1 and I suspect what you have are Berry serving spoons.
    Justin EPNS = Electroplated Nickel Silver – this site has a good explanation
    One of the easiest sites I have found for identifying a pattern is
    What silver plated flatware is \”worth\” is often what you can get for it. Once you have identified your pattern see what items of the same pattern and condition have actually sold for and look at what is selling it for.

    There is a very good history and reference for the
    Rogers with star or eagle to be found at

  16. Amy says:

    I have 6 table spoons with the marking 1847 Roger Bros. IS Heritage, what does this mean & are they worth any value? How can you tell if its ” real ” silver if there are no markings?

  17. Gayla Fuller says:

    I have a scalloped shaped serving spoon with flower detailing, that is marked “PAT. APRIL 1706.WM A Rogers SXR”. Does anyone know any info on this piece?

  18. Ranell says:

    After gathering my boyfriends parents wedding china we found a wm rogers spoon engraved with his father’s birth record on it. It’s dated 1949 and has the wm rogers and IS on the back. Was it common to use rogers spoons? What would be a similar quality silver now?

  19. admin says:

    Thanks for all of your comments and questions. Because we are not experts in antiques or resellers of silverware, we try not to comment on items if we don’t have specifics on the material as it relates to precious metals. We CANNOT give estimates based on the make, manufacture date, rarity, or collectability of items.

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