Platinum from Catalytic Converters

I have removed the platinum from catalytic converters. What is the value by weight? – From Rob in Pleasant Hill, Oregon

Hi Rob,

We do buy the pellets and honey combs from catalytic converter units that have been “de-canned.” It sounds like your materials are already “de-canned.” Some other information from you would help us give a more accurate estimate for your material such as how many pounds do you have? Do you have loose pellets or honeycomb? Are the catalytic converters from non-diesel engines or diesel engines?

For shipments less than 100 lbs., we go by this payment schedule:

Non-Diesel Engines

For loose pellets from non-diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.
For honeycomb material from non-diesel engines we pay $8.00 per pound.

Diesel Engines

For loose pellets from diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.
For honeycomb material from diesel engines we pay $3.00 per pound.

If you have greater than 100 lbs. of “de-canned” catalytic converter material, please contact us for a custom estimate. Hope this information helps!

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7 Responses to “Platinum from Catalytic Converters”

  1. Lana Hanks says:

    Hello, I have an automotive shop in Fayetteville NC.

    I have always sold to a middle man. With the cost of living rising I am wondering if i can make more buy removing the pellets and honeycones myself He pays me 1000.00 a month give or take. So my question is Do you make more buy breaking them down and sending ya all the pelletts and cones. I apoligize for not being very informative in this are. I am just learning.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lana,

    We would need to know how much material you have per month to determine what we could pay. Additionally, if you do not have large quantities of pellets and combs, it may not be worth the shipping cost to our refining facility in Missouri. Please give us a call at 800) 835-0478 and we may be able to help you further.

    It will be more beneficial for you to separate the pellets and cones. Then you would not have to pay as much for freight and would save us some time as well.

  3. greg yawak says:

    Do you buy platinum mixed with arodium? and for how much, we have it in pounds. Thanks for your response.

  4. matt says:

    1.5g of platinum per 1kg of honey comb weight platinum 1kg = 2.1 lbs platinum is at 1550 per oz

  5. matt says:

    1.5g of platinum per 1kg of honey comb weight. 1kg = 2.1 lbs. platinum is at 1550 per oz.

  6. william garcia says:

    I have 2.3grams of platinum from the honey comb of a converter what is the selling price

  7. admin says:


    Due to increased demand for catalytic converter refining services, we are temporarily not accepting this product for refining. We will update our website ( when we have the capacity to accept this material. Thank you.

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